SHIPPUDEN opening songs

Naruto Shippuden opening songs

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Many people thinks that anime openings are worthless and skips them.They seems them useless and skips them to save their time for the episodes but this is where they do the biggest mistake.
Openings give us a glimpse of the forthcoming scenes in the episodes and gives us idea about them to understand the episodes easily.On the other hand they entertain us too.
So here I have came up with Naruto Shippuden top 7 opening theme songs.
They are listed according to my interest so if not satisfied don’t feel uneasy.

  7. Guren

6. diver 

5. Blue Bird

4. Hotaru no hikari-sha la la

3. Tsuki no Ookisa


2. Silhouette

1. Lover 

Thanks for watching.

Please tell me which one you liked the most ,and if you were to countdown which would you keep at no.1  .


1. Hero’s comeback

2. Distance

3.Blue bird


5.Hotaru no Hikari


7.Toumei Datta Sekai



10.New song

11. Totsugeki Rock

12. Moshimo

13. Niwaka Unimo Fukezu

14.Tsuki no Ookisa


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