subbed v/s dubbed

Subbed or Dubbed anime

Which type do you prefer?
Many says dubbed while other say subbed. What to do? Which type to prefer?
No need to worry! Today I am gonna tell you about the benefits and loopholes of subbed and dubbed anime.
As many of the readers reading this blog may be otaku and many may not be interested in anime’s, manga n all those stuffs but I hope that this blog would change the mind of non-otaku’s about anime’s and help otaku’s further.
Well, both subbed and dubbed anime’s are good  but many prefer dubbed over subbed and vice-versa.

As I have experienced, many says dubbed are better than subbed as by watching dubbed we can learn how to pronounce? how to speak in an effective manner and all. It enhances our vocal skills(the speaking part),makes us confident while speaking to others as I used to think but after analyzing I found something to be missing.

If we talk about sub-titles ,we come to know about many new words n scentences which is spoken in that particular language and are new to us.And using those new words in front of others not only makes us cool but boosts our knowledge.Now many audienceget interested in learning different languages other than your tongue language.

Since all anime’s are made in JAPAN so we have different types of anime series based on audio like eng-dubbed/subbed,  indo-dubbed/subbed, epsn-dubbed/subbed and many more.
Earlier I was also interested in eng-dubbed episodes as it was easy to understand but when I tried eng-subbed at first I faced many problems in reading the whole para immediately.Many times I missed the important scenes ,fights,romantic moments but later and sooner I was in sync to it.
One of my friend also recommended me to watch sub titles and thanks to him.This technique not only increased my reading skill but and also writing skill and grammer.

Now I will show u two similar videos ,one in dubbed and other subbed and analyse yourself to which you feel comfortable.

 NARUTO VS PAIN (eng-dubbed)

NARUTO VS PAIN(eng-subbed)

After watching the above two videos we can see everything has its good side and fault side both.
So we can’t say which is better or worse but choosing the one in which u r comfortable would make it even more better.
When it comes to me I would rather choose subbed as it helps me lot in developing  my reading skill ,also I am interested in Japanese culture n all and subbed one helps me in learning Japanese little by little.
SO guys if u ask to me I would subbed episodes but don’t listen to me just give it a try and try to figure it out which one helps u out.

ARIGATOU and watch anime’s.

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